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The fastest way to underwrite multifamily development

Spend more time closing deals and less time modeling.
With Verium, you'll find it easy to create sophisticated models, and you'll be confident that they're accurate.
What our Users say
"Thanks to Verium, I spend less time modeling and I make better models. I don’t have to worry about seeing the dreaded #REF! in my model or go get coffee while my sensitivity tables calculate. It’s hard to believe I ever underwrote multifamily deals without it."
Senior analyst at a premier multifamily developer
30 Hrs
Saved Per Month
Models made per month
How VERIUM works
Why Verium
The tool our founders wish they had
Our founders met when they were real estate analysts working together at Hines, one of the largest privately owned real estate developers in the world. They were frustrated by how long it took to model deals. They knew there had to be a better way — so they put together a team and built it. Verium is the software they wished they had as analysts, and that they believe the multifamily developer sector deserves.
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Add Integrated Waterfalls and Sensitivites
  • Your model’s data feeds directly into your sensitivities and waterfalls
  • Run sensitivities on any input in the model
  • Build waterfalls in seconds
Start with The Fundamentals
Verium has all the key cost sections and project phases that you’re used to.
  • Rent Roll
  • Lease Up Schedule
  • Development Costs
  • Draw Schedule
  • Construction Loan
  • Cash Flows
  • Return Summary
Overlaid images of Verium's Construction Loan page in light and dark modes
Three overlaid images showing: the cashflow page in Verium, the Export Outputs to Excel page, and a Verium-generated cashflow in Excel
Share Your Model with Others
  • Export your outputs to Excel
  • Share your model by sending just one link
  • Save your models in the cloud or on your computer
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Iterate with Speed
  • Enter one value and Verium updates the entire model instantly
  • Add layers of detail, with just a click
  • Use the Model Audit system to find any errors
  • Use undo/redo and keyboard shortcuts just like you do in Excel
GIF showing the Simple and Detail modes for Premiums & AmenitiesGIF of the construction loan table autocalculating
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